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Is your talent acquisition team delivering
the human capital your organization needs? 

Talent Acquisition Optimization

  • Assessment – Typically one to two weeks, our consultants develop/ refine process maps, gather feedback from key stakeholders (managers, candidates, HR, Recruiting, leadership) to make recommendations based on industry-leading best practices.  Additionally we can review individual recruiters and provide feedback on developmental opportunities.  Lastly we also lead a session specific to program management best practices and sharing which may include candidate experience, new hire orientation, employer brand, etc.

  • Consulting – Through a deep dive our team will work side-by-side with your data and analytics team to uncover key challenges we will create a comprehensive recommendation for making large scale improvements to your talent acquisition team.  Leading with a strategic platform we will drill down into an effective organizational chart for your TA team leading to the development daily processes, scripting, recruiter scorecards, management reports, and much more.  In short, we provide a detailed road map to recruiting success.  

  • Interim management – In order to activate the recruiting roadmap, we've found that many client organizations want to get started immediately but may not have the internal resources (both in number and depth of knowledge) to get started.  In these circumstances we provide an interim recruiting leader as well as other recruiting resources to as needed.  We jointly create an exit plan where we assist in hiring the right team, training them, and setting them up for success as we exit the organization. 

Through years of hands-on management of recruiting teams, leveraging best practices and data/analytics, we help clients answer this question and make recommendations on how to improve recruiting outcomes.

We've found that most organizations struggle with some aspect of attracting talent. Many of the solutions they implement tend to be focused on individual problems such as  vendor spend, sign-on bonus and/or overtime costs or workforce optimization but don't spend time on developing the strategy through which other talent acquisition decisions should be made.

We work with client organizations in three distinct ways:

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