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Bridging The Gap Between Talent-Centric and Supplier-Centric Approaches 

Contingent Workforce Optimization

For many companies, their "external" workforce sourcing strategy relies on managing a mix of staffing suppliers across geographic locations, labor categories and business units. Combine this with a growing use of freelancers, consultants and service providers, and determining the optimal contingent workforce framework gets even more challenging.

Furthermore, this framework must evolve as business circumstances change, trends continue to indicate greater demand for flexible work arrangements and business needs necessitate a shift in talent strategy.  This requires a shift from supplier-centric models to talent-centric approaches. 

Strategic Sources helps organizations implement tailored contingent and integrated workforce strategies that effectively power the modern workplace.


We can assist you identify opportunities to optimize your contingent workforce model and quickly capture untapped value in areas such as:

  • Resourcing strategies across labor categories and locations

  • Advancing the MSP framework through innovation

  • Extending the MSP model beyond "supplier consolidation"

  • Introducing new channels for sourcing talent 

  • Transitioning from externally managed MSP's to Internally Managed Programs (IMP's) of Excellence 

  • Development of integrated sourcing framework

  • Introduction and integration of a Direct Sourcing strategy

  • Leveraging employer brand resulting in higher quality candidates/engagements/hires 

  • Reduce costs / eliminate contract-to-hire fees 

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