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Direct Sourcing

A powerful channel has emerged to meet your contingent labor needs - utilizing internally-sourced resources rather than agency- sourced candidates. More and more, strategic organizations are leveraging the concept of self-sourcing contingent talent and finding the results to be transformative.
Attracting resources into talent networks, automating the workflows to curate this talent, build talent pipelines and managing relationships with candidates can be accomplished by leveraging technology that already exists within the talent acquisition ecosystem and in many cases, technology that is already in place within their talent acquisition function. 

The bottom-line impact is significant: 

  • Higher quality placements

  • Reduced time to fill

  • Shorter "on-boarding" time to contractor productivity

  • Compliance and engagement process efficiency

  • Significant cost savings over agency recruited workers

  • Effective re-deployment of known talent

The concept of direct-sourcing is not new - just highly underutilized. Strategic Sources proprietary DirectConnect platform provides the integrated set of tools and processes needed to build a scalable and successful direct sourcing capability.

With your own dedicated private talent network, qualified talent including contractors, consultants, alumni, retirees and even applicants that have qualified for consideration for FTE roles can be quickly deployed to projects and roles you need filled in an optimized way.

Source Qualified Contingent Talent. Directly.

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