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Compliance & Risk Mitigation

With more government focus on labor and as utilization of contingent workers continues to rise, compliance management and risk mitigation strategies have never been more vital. Strategic Sources consultants are experts in compliance practices, risk management and engaging effective threat-mitigation tools.  Our flexible array of consultative offerings assist organizations to build, solidify and optimize compliance processes.

We evaluate and audit at the organization, supplier and worker levels.  Then, we design and engage a comprehensive risk mitigation and compliance framework, inclusive of:

  • Independent Contractor compliance & worker misclassification

  • Regulatory and legislative exposure (IC misclassification, FLSA, ACA, etc.)

  • Co-employment and tenure management

  • Legal set-up, review and escalation support in collaboration with the foremost employment law legal experts, directly focused in the contingent workforce space

  • Supplier contract reviews to validate flow down provisions

  • Validation of and compliance with pre-employment screening, wage/mark-up parameters and on-boarding requirements

  • End-of-contract management; facility access deactivation/off-boarding exposure

Strategic Sources also provides an unmatched opportunity to optimize your process in engaging the best talent while mitigating your risk of misclassification.  

As a strategic alliance partner of ComplianceHR,  the world's only expert system driven AI platform delivering instant employment regulatory guidance,  Strategic Sources provides unparalleled, end-to-end solutions and configurable services to comprehensively mitigate risk.

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