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Client Solutions

The alignment of business strategy and workforce strategy is integral to building high-performing organizations. ​  
Strategic Sources enables organizations to achieve competitive advantage strategically.  This is done by designing holistic talent solutions that leverage core and flexible workforce channels, promote the unique value of the employer brand and embrace a talent-centric approach - all in completely alignment with the overall strategy of the business.
Designing and optimizing client-centric contingent and integrated workforce solutions are our wheelhouse - contact us today for your opportunity assessment!
Advisory Services
Ensure your workforce strategy is properly aligned with your talent strategy to get the resources needed to achieve your strategic business plans...learn more
Talent Acquisition Excellence
Getting the right talent at the right time is essential to business success. Talent Acquisition can be instrumental to accomplishing your business objectives and achieving competitive advantage...learn more
Contingent Workforce Optimization
Effectively managing the flexible component of your workforce is critical to getting the contingent resources needed to properly supplement your core workforce while also controlling variable costs...learn more
Direct Sourcing
Reduce your contingent labor spend by 25% while increasing resource quality and reducing fill times...learn more
Risk Mitigation
Ensure your contingent workforce is fully compliant with regulations at the federal, state and local level...learn more
Independent Contractor Compliance
Independent Contractors can be an important part of your contingent workforce strategy. Gain the benefits of engaging IC's while mitigating misclassification risks...learn more
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